Tuesday, May 11, 2010

a better plan

cozy PJ’s? check!

girls asleep? check!

a warm bowl of my neighbor’s blackberry cobbler? check!

a tall glass of milk? check!

a new episode of Lost? check!

Ok, we’re in the past. In the WAY past. There’s Allison Janney. On Lost. Interesting! I bet she’s the original smoke monster....And this other girl. She’s pregnant. Perhaps with Jacob? Ok, J.J.Abrams, where are you going to take me this hour? I’m ready.

but wait...

rain? check.

lightning? check.

thunder? .......... check ... and...

“MOMMY!!” check.

Ok, change of plans. We’re in the present. The actual, real world present. Here’s Olivia. In my bed. With me. It’s just a stage. One day I’ll long for the days I could comfort her during a storm. Lucky for me she’s requested the glow of the computer screen.
No biggy. Tomorrow evening Brett and I will be able to watch Lost together in its entirety. And really the best thing about this evening is that tomorrow morning I’ll wake up to the wondrous, fill-me-up feeling of my 4-year-old daughter draped over my back. Or if she awakens first, I’ll slowly re-enter consciousness as a tiny hand gently tickles my neck.

Good night? check.