Thursday, April 29, 2010

... (silence) ...

These days are rather crazy. Lots of fast and loud to take in. Most of it's good but also exhausting. Laughter, song, and play with occasional meltdowns and time-outs. So the quiet becomes very important. A chance to reset, recharge, remember. And The Quiet Book (by Deborah Underwood), with it's simple statements and soft images, serves as an invitation to embrace the "many kinds of quiet" that so kindly sneak into our days.

Some of our favorites:
- don't scare the robin quiet
- coloring in the lines quiet
- swimming underwater quiet
- lollipop quiet
- sleeping sister quiet


Sarah B said...

i like the swimming underwater quiet. that sounds divine!

thanks for the book rec!

Deborah Underwood said...

Thanks so much for posting this review! I'm so glad you liked the book.

Elizabeth Dark Wiley said...

Deborah, Thank you for posting a comment! And of course, thank you for the book.

Sarah, I enjoyed looking at your blog. I think we have some mutual friends!

LaNell said...

You could be a librarian. I love the book "talks" and can identify with so much of what you are writing.
We will be checking this particular book out soon since we are a long way away from understanding quiet...