Friday, July 2, 2010


This time five years ago, we lived in Athens, GA. I was going through a Jolie Holland phase and was trying to read The Economist cover to cover every week. I craved corn dogs frequently and napped a lot. And on this particular day five years ago, one of those daytime naps was abruptly interrupted by a sign. It was the clearest message Olivia had sent to me up to that point. She was ready.

Now we live in Mount Vernon, Ohio. I still enjoy Jolie Holland, among others, but my own Little Bird with her pretty songs prefers Paul Simon. The Economist subscription expired long ago. I'll pick it up again one of these days, but for now it's all things E.B. White.

In my own reading time I often choose poetry. I'm finally starting to get it, and I credit her for that too. It's been in her message to me every day of her life. She is poetry in motion, and this weekend she turns five.


southernjoy said...

Happy birthday to a beautiful, brilliant little girl! Somehow, I think she gets it honestly. :-)

Amy Swingle said...

The tears are coming and I can't stop them for many reasons. Your writing is so beautiful for one but also I remember the day with you(not all the details you have but my own account of the day) and I remember that little face from 5 years ago. I can't believe it has been five years! I just miss ya'll so much and remember our sweet time together recently(although always too short).
Happy, Happy Birthday to sweet Olivia!! The best reason ever to cancel 4th plans with us!!! Ha! Ha!

Rebecca Martin said...


(Happy Birthday, Olivia!)

P.S. You (or Brett) will laugh; my word verification is "aptests."

katie said...

happy 5th... :)

katy said...

I will always remember the phone call, when you told me you were pregnant. I had asked you to go on a trail run with me, and you, well, you just couldn't. And then I squealed.

Happy Birthday, Olivia!