Tuesday, January 20, 2009

On This Day...

On the day Barack H. Obama was inaugurated as our 44th president, I:
- made monkey muffins for Olivia to take to her preschool's summer birthdays celebration.
- bought a cup of coffee before dropping Olivia off at preschool.
- took Mae to the health clinic to get her shots.
- left the TV on CNN in the den and the radio on NPR in the kitchen pretty much all day.
- beamed when I picked Olivia up from preschool. She was wearing a half-birthday crown and carrying a coloring sheet of Barack Obama. She'd colored him blue.
- lunched on potato soup with Olivia while we watched Obama take his oath of office. Mae patiently sat in her car seat for most of the time.
- took pictures of the TV and made some videos of Olivia and Mae watching the Inauguration. I felt pretty dumb while doing it, but figured they might thank me one day.
- only wore one earring for most of the day.
- had some friends over for a playdate with Olivia. Kelly and I watched more Inauguration coverage most of the time.
- ran for the 1st time since Mae was born.
- smiled as Brett prayed for our new president before dinner.

(I promise I don't usually let her stand this close to the TV. It was just for the photo op.)


amy said...

we sat in front of the tv most of the day too...i couldn't stop crying, and abby did not understand AT ALL why this was a significant moment in the history of our nation. what a different world they will grow up in.

oh, and the up too close to the tv is an old wives tale. :)

juliana said...

We watched tv all day too, and Nick kept saying all day how Caroline will grow up in a completely different world than we did since she will never know a time when there hasn't been an african american president. I think it's great that you took pictures of Olivia and Mae. We talked about it but never did it. Nick wanted to put his Obama/Biden bumpersticker on Caroline's bumbo seat and take her picture watching the inauguration, but he couldn't find the sticker. And then she had a series of meltdowns and we never got back to it... But I love it that you did it! It was a very significant day, and I'm glad I was able to stay home all day and participate via tv.