Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Still thinking about Christmas

Faith would be that God is self-limited utterly by his creation- a contraction of the scope of his will; that he bound himself to time and its hazards and haps as a man would lash himself to a tree for love. That God's works are as good as we make them. That God is helpless, our baby to bear, self-abandoned on the doorstep of time, wondered at by cattle and oxen. . . . Faith would be, in short, that God has any willful connection with time whatsoever, and with us. For I know it as given that whatever he touches has meaning, if only in his mysterious terms, the which I readily grant. Then question is, then, whether God touches anything. Is anything firm, or is time on the loose?

Annie Dillard, Holy The Firm

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elizabeth said...

so wonderful to see you in nashville, and by surprise! made me perfectly happy and nostalgic.

your family set a spiritual tone for our semester at the vineyard that is still ringing. thank you if i never said it.