Saturday, December 8, 2007

Be wary if he comes by ferry

We had to go. It's an island tradition. The big ferry comes into the dock, the doors open, and Santa is standing there with a row of elves behind him, heartily laughing, waving to the masses, ready to greet all the good girls and boys of the Vineyard. This event has been talked up all over the island. Apparently last year, as he took his first step, his pants fell to his ankles, and one of his elves fell over laughing. Still though, something worth bundling up to see. Olivia was so excited about it. His arrival was the first thing she mentioned this morning when she woke us up. She dressed in a red sweater and her red coat b.c she'd heard it was his favorite color.
So it was a little disheartening this afternoon when we layered up, ran down to the ferry, and joined a tiny crowd to welcome this guy. No bellowing "Ho, Ho, Ho," no confident strides, no elves, not even a costume malfunction. He just meandered off the boat and then had to practically find people who wanted to get their picture taken with him. Fortunately a number of our "young at heart" college students had come with us- our group alone doubled the crowd. Olivia shook his hand and said, "Welcome." After that she'd have nothing to do with him. She'd only agree to a photo if her college friends would join her. So here it is.

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